NRA Basic Instructor Training

Length of Course: 6 hours
Taught at these locations: Woodland Park, Mobile training for this class is also available.
Course Level: Instructor (what's this?)

Who teaches this course? This course is taught by an NRA-certified appointed Training Counselor, who was also trained and additionally certified with the trademark GFH immersion training system.

Course Description: The NRA Basic Instructor Training opens with an exercise on "How to Introduce a Speaker" designed as an icebreaker. You're paired with another Instructor Candidate, spend a few minutes in exchanging information, and introduce each other to the class. Immediately you start learning how to talk on your feet while we teach you how to offer useful praise and constructive suggestions. You're teaching. We help you conquer shyness and develop a communications bridge with a group of people who depend on you for positive instruction. Our classes establish an atmosphere in which your fellow students assist us in helping you succeed. Step by step we guide you through five key lessons that help you learn essential methods of conducting a formal NRA class in the use of firearms. NRA Basic Instructor Training concludes with "Preparing to Teach" and the trainers examination. At that point you should be ready for whichever discipline-specific instructor training class comes next for you: Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, or Personal Protection depending on your qualifications and enrollment. To make most efficient use of the day on which we hold this six hour class we continue on to common elements of the discipline-specific courses (NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, NRA Basic Rifle Instructor, NRA Basic Shotgun Instructor, and NRA Personal Protection Instructor) for students who have registered in advance to go beyond NRA Basic Instructor Training into one or more NRA discipline-specific class. Or you can stop with the Basic Instructor Training class. (You are not considered an NRA Certified Instructor until you complete the discipline-specific class and the NRA Training Department processes your application and issues instructor credentials.) .

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Topics covered to include:

  • Opening Exercise: How to Introduce a Speaker (30 minutes)
  • Lesson I: The Instructor and the NRA Basic Firearm Training Program (60 minutes)
  • Lesson II: Using a Training Team (60 minutes)
  • Lesson III: Training Materials and Training Aids (60 minutes)
  • Lesson IV: Organizing Your Course (60 minutes)
  • Lesson V: Preparing to Teach (90 minutes)

Required Equipment:

  • None


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