Thank you for being part of another amazing Gold Event!

Andy said it best!

Hope all is well !
A note of huge thanks for the gold event today, as usual impeccably organized, excellent hospitality and help from the GFH family, and superb food.  Lionel, Tom and I look forward to this day every year, it’s actually better than Christmas !!!
Please pass on our thanks to your outstanding team in hosting us, its is a pleasure being a member and part of the GFH community!
(P.s.) thanks for assisting with my broken extractor, only GFH would offer to get a fix in from the range to resolve, I really appreciated the offer, and this is an example of why I stay at GFH, it’s all about the service!
Many thanks again to all involved,  and a pic below to show the doubters of our diverse community.
See you soon and all the best for the weekend