There’s not one of these classes that I didn’t learn something new in.

When the range near my home in Bayonne closed down I decided to give Gun for Hire a try and I loved it.I became a member in June.Since then I have completed Urban carbine 1-3 and pistol 1-3,and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for giving us the platform to have these types of classes here in the people's republic of NJ.Your instructors John,Bobby and Tony do a great job running those classes there's is not one of those classes that I didn't learn something new in and I recommend them to every 2A person that will listen.I am looking forward to retaking them in the new year and any new additions you guys come up with.

Seriously, though, UP3 was an absolute blast!

I’m just training to be an instructor! Seriously, though, UP3 was an absolute blast! Tons of fun and a great learning experience. I’ll be picking glass out of my hair for a week, but it was totally worth it. The sims were a wonderful treat, too. Bill, Mike and John were all very helpful and enthusiastic. Really looking forward to doing more of this! - Charlie, GFH Member.

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