This GFH signature pen is made from an authentic stave of a hand-made oak barrel used to produce American-made Jack Daniel’s whiskey.  Each pen comes with a certificate of authenticity stating the wood came from a barrel of Jack Daniel’s, one of America’s leading distilleries that played a major role in America’s rich history of spirits production.
Custom made exclusively for GFH customers, each pen undergoes a 19 step hand finishing process to obtain a wear resistant, impervious, high gloss finish.  Although crafted to exacting standards, inherent in the hand-shaped process, no two pens are exactly alike. You can be assured you own a unique, custom-crafted writing instrument that makes a great discussion piece and will last for years.
The pen is 5 ½ inches long with the authentic look and feel of an actual 30 cal. cartridge.
Constructed of precision engineered components with a realistic, durable gun metal finish.
Ink cartridge is a widely available Parker style ballpoint with black ink.