Increase your skills, test your gear and learn the most important information when it comes to drawing a gun form a holster. Our Holster Draw course is highly recommended by every student that takes the course. Not only will you learn invaluable techniques from the best instructors, you will learn what works and doesn’t work with your gear, as well as seeing how other classmates gear functions!

Gun For Hire is proud to offer drawing from a holster as an option to our range members. This three hour course is mandatory for anyone wishing to draw from a holster while using the range facility and for our Urban Series of courses. (see exemptions listed below). The course will focus on the safe and efficient way to holster up upon entering the range, drawing from the holster, presentation to target and re-holstering procedures. The class will also cover proper procedures for securing firearms and equipment after you have finished training. Additional topics covered will include: •Range procedures •Range safety •Firearm safety •Shooting fundamentals •Holster selection and placement •Safely and efficiently drawing and holstering firearm •Ready position.
Exemptions: All active and retired Law Enforcement (must show current or retired I.D. Card)