Getting tired of the B.S. coming out of Washington and the State House? So are we…

We’re done talking to Politicians who have turned a deaf ear to our concerns.

It’s time to start talking to our neighbors.

And this kickass “I Will NOT Comply!” T-shirt is the best conversation starter we’ve seen.

Award-winning artist Matt Dancsecs was driving his eight-year-old son Dylan to a Boy Scout sleepover when first heard us use the phrase “I Will Not Comply,” on Gun For Hire Radio.

An image immediately flashed into his head… it was an image so powerful that it forced him to pull over to the side of the road.

“I had to sketch it out right then and there.” Matt said.

“I had this image in my head of an old-style war poster, you know, the kind… like the those printed from a woodcut.”

Matt went on to explain the concept for his art…

“In my design, the flag is almost upside down— symbolizing that the country is in distress.

‘We The People’ are represented by the flag. And the ‘I Will NOT Comply’ text represents our collective voice of dissatisfaction with our government’s current policies.

The stars of the flag are aligned the same as they would have been on a WWII flag. I thought it was good to go back and reference another war where American men and women fought for freedom, against tyranny and oppression.

The10 stars on the flag represent the ten bills in our Bill of Rights.

The storm behind the Capital represents the fight the people will be bringing against those who want to strip us of those rights. But if you take a more detailed look, you’ll see that the position of the storm behind the Capital is visually angled as if to push the flag back upright to its correct position… signifying that it’s up to us to turn our country right-side up again.”

Why did you draw the capitol in red? We asked.

“Well,” said the artist, after a thoughtful pause… “for several reasons.” And he left it at that.

We think the design is amazing, what do you think?

Even our wives are anxious to get their hands on a couple of shirts.

So, exactly what are you saying when you put on this amazing “I Will Not Comply,” T-shirt?

It’s a kind of rallying cry… a promise, really.

Both a call to action… and a personal declaration, your “I Will Not Comply” T-shirt says, “I am personally willing to get off my couch, get off my paper soapbox, get off my ass… and DO something.”

America’s greatest blessing is also its greatest curse—the freedom of the individual to choose. The majority will always choose the path of least resistance—it’s human nature to do so. To be an individual requires commitment.

Your “I Will Not Comply,” T-shirt shows everyone that you are an individual who is capable of thinking outside the box of popular groupthink, not one who will simply go along to get along. You know instinctively that being right is far more valuable than being popular.

When you wear your, “I Will Not Comply,” T-shirt, at the range, at a neighborhood barbecue, to your kid’s ballgame or to a friendly neighborhood gun-buyback program, you’re saying that you’re not just in this for the short run. You’re committed to walking the road less traveled, with all it’s pitfalls, tripping stones and uncertainties, regardless of how long it takes to bring about the lasting change you desire.

Your “I Will Not Comply,” T-shirt is your notification to the world, that you are someone who is willing to put up or shut up—to stop complaining and start doing—to get off the sidelines and stand on the front lines—to go from spectator to instigator—from watching things happen to making things happen.

Tyranny will never be defeated by force. Nor can you compel liberty at muzzle of a gun. Victory must be won— one, mind, one heart, one soul at a time.

Freedom has never been free—and it comes at a price that can’t be repaid in dollars and cents. Lasting freedom takes investment—in time, and talent, and personal commitment—which is more than the average person is willing to give.

When you sport the, “I Will Not Comply,” message you are saying, “I am not the average person. I’m in this one for the long haul. I’m willing to give of myself, and part of what is mine, so all who come behind me, might enjoy freedom in their time.”

The greatest movements in recorded history have all started when just one person, who was willing to stand in opposition to the popular masses, dared to stand-alone. It only takes a single point of light to defeat the darkest darkness. By saying, “I Will Not Comply,” you’re putting the world on notice, that you are that person, that point of light.

The Gun Banners and Freedom Grabbers are counting on YOU to do nothing…
Let them know, they counted wrong.

Stand proudly, and speak clearly. Say it bold and say it loud… with your kick-ass,
“I Will Not Comply!” Tee.

Great for those of you who like to speak softly and let their attitude do the talking.

This OFFICIAL Limited Edition “I Will NOT Comply” T-shirt is hand sewn, 100% Made in the USA from 1st quality, 100% ring-spun cotton jersey fabric, with a generous fit and functional features like…

– A printed label that won’t scratch the back of your neck.
– Reinforced seams, all around, to fight rip outs.
– Printed with high-wear resistant inks that get even better looking with every wash.

This shirt looks great tucked in or out

Currently Available in Black
Men’s Small to “5X Fat Bastard”
Women’s Small to 2X