Do you carry a knife? You need this book! Knife Laws of the U.S.: Loopholes, Pitfalls & Secrets is the first and most comprehensive book ever published on federal and state knife laws. Nationally-known knife rights attorney Evan F. Nappen explains, in easy-to-understand terms, everything you need to know about the knife laws where you live.

What knives are legal to own and carry in each state, and what knives aren’t.
Switchblades, ballistic, gravity, and other knives explained.
What to do if you’re arrested, and what not to do.
Your rights as a knife owner.
Tips to avoid legal problems.
Avoid potential jail time and a criminal record with Knife Laws of the U.S.: Loopholes, Pitfalls & Secrets. It is THE indispensable guide to knife laws for knife owners, carriers, collectors, dealers, writers, manufacturers, attorneys, and law enforcement.