This Level 1 course is developed to take the First Steps Rifle graduate to an entirely new level of excitement. Our instructors guide you through 4 hours of awesome and challenging drills encompassing shooting at multiple targets, reload drills, and a dozen other exclusive drills that were developed by our top instructors. Experience the excitement and adrenaline of our Urban Series Courses!

Required Gear:
• AR 15, M 16, M 4 series rifle/carbine. Class is Based on the AR Platform, you’re more than welcome to bring any other Semi Auto Magazine Fed Rifle IE: AK47, Tavor, M1A, etc.)
• Estimated round count: 400 rounds rifle
• Sturdy Gun Belta
• 3 Magazines with Pouches
• 5 Dummy rounds or Snap Caps
• Sling (2 or 3 point required, Preferred sling from Magpul)
• Eye and ear protection
• Knee pads
• We Recommend Jeans / BDU Style Pants
• We Recommend Iron Sights or Red Dot / Holographic sights.
• No shorts, no open-toe shoes, no Sweatpants allowed. Please bring only factory-loaded ammo, excluding steel-cased ammo