SORA Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SORA?

In 2007, the State of New Jersey signed into law the Security Officer Registration Act.  Now, anyone who wishes to perform security duties for a private security company must be SORA certified before they can be employed. To become SORA certified, one must register with the state, have a background check and complete state regulated training. This training must be performed by an institution which has SORA certified instructors.

What is Santiago’s Law?

In 2016, Santiago’s Law was passed which added 2 new provisions to the Security Officer Registration Act.  First, there are new uniform requirements for armed security officers.  Second, armed security officers are required to secure their weapon in a level 3 or higher security holster.  At Gun For Hire, this will be part of your training.

How long does my SORA license last?
2 years

How long does my Armed SORA license last?
1 year

What happens if I work security without a SORA license?
You could possibly be arrested and charged, resulting in a fine and possibly be barred from ever working as a security officer in New Jersey.

What happens if I cannot make the class I have registered for?
Call us at 888-486-3674, during our business hours, and we will reschedule you for another class date. As long as you complete BOTH the two-day class and the fingerprinting within the thirty-day time frame, you will receive your SORA license.

What happens if I fail to complete all three steps of the SORA process?
If you do not complete both the fingerprinting and the two-day class within the stipulated thirty-day time frame, you will not receive your SORA card. It would then be necessary for you to re-register on the New Jersey State Police web site and pay an additional seventy-five dollars.

How long does it actually take to get my SORA license?
It is all dependent upon how quickly you get the class completed and the fingerprints done. Once both steps are completed you should receive your SORA card within ten working days.

To Renew My Sora

How often do I have to renew my SORA card?
Two years. You can renew your SORA card up to ninety days prior to its expiration. At Gun For Hire we will send you a post card reminder so you do not let your SORA expire. You must renew BEFORE your expiration date. Fingerprints are not required for renewal.

If you let your SORA card expire…
If you fail to renew your SORA card prior to your expiration date, you will have to take the entire two-day class over again, as well as being fingerprinted again.

How do I Renew my SORA card?
To renew, you must have your logon and password, which you created when you first registered on the New Jersey State Police web site. Log on to the web site Click Here and click on RENEWAL APPLICATIONS. You will be asked to enter your logon and password at this point. Once you successfully enter your logon and password, (be careful the logon and password are case sensitive and must be entered exactly as created) you will be asked to confirm your contact information and pay the New Jersey State Police a renewal fee. YOU MUST HAVE A CREDIT CARD ON HAND BEFORE YOU START THIS PROCESS. If you do not have a credit card we can assist you at no additional cost to renew your SORA license.

How much does it cost to renew my SORA license?
The cost is $82.00 to renew with the NJSP, PLUS the cost of the one-day mandatory recertification class.

Do I have to take a class again?
Yes, you must attend a one-day refresher course given by one of our New Jersey State Police certified instructors PRIOR to your SORA license expiration date.

What do I have to bring to the class?
All students must bring the following three items, their original SORA card, a photo ID, and the print out from the New Jersey State Police web site, when you paid the renewal fee.

Law Enforcement Officers

Active working Law Enforcement Officers
Are exempt from the mandatory twenty-four hour training course, but all officers must be fingerprinted at a Morpho Trak facility. The registration process is the same for active law enforcement officers as it is with security officers. Once an active law enforcement officer registers or is assisted in registering on the New Jersey State Police web site, the officer must go to a SORA instructor to have their identification verified, their photo taken, and transmitted to the New Jersey State Police. This all must be completed within the stipulated thirty-day time frame.

When an active working Law Enforcement Officer retires
The requirement for retired law enforcement officers is the same as security officers. The officer is required to attend a mandatory two-day class to obtain their SORA card, and to keep the SORA card they must attend a renewal class every two years.