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SORA For The Armed Officer Renewal

You must renew your SORA card before it expires! If you need to renew your SORA card, you have to renew it with the State Police online. You can renew 90 days before your card expires. Security Officers then must take a 1-day course. Law enforcement does not need to take this course. The cost of our 1-day class is $39.99. Subsequently, you will get your new card directly from the State Police within 5-10 business days.



75 Rutgers Street
Second Floor
Belleville, NJ
Mobile training for this class is also available.


SORA Armed Officer Renewal Pricing:

• The State Police online processing fee is $80.25
• SORA Renewal 1 day course fee is $39.99


If your SORA Card does expire here is what you need to do:

Law Enforcement:
1- Come to Gun For Hire, in Belleville, to have your photo taken for $25.
2- We will help you register again on the NJ State Police Website, while you are here (they charge $75).
3- You will need to be fingerprinted again for $66.25.

Security Officers:
1- Come to Gun For Hire and retake the 2 day SORA First Time course for $99.99.
1- While in class, you will have your photo taken (included with 2 day course).
2- We will help you register again on the NJ State Police Website, while you are here (they charge $75).
3- You will need to be fingerprinted again for $66.25.


Length of Course:

2 Days


SORA Pricing:

• State Police registration: $75 (If you do not have a credit card, we can help you register.) Once you register your certificate is valid for 30 days. You must take our course and have your fingerprints done within the 30 days.
• Our 2 day course is $99.99.
• State electronic fingerprinting is $66.25 (We can help you get the fingerprints, if you take our course.)
Once you complete all 3 steps within the 30 days, you will receive your SORA card in the mail directly from the State Police (within 5 to 10 business days).


What to Bring:

• Photo ID
• Note pad and pen
• Cash or credit card (no Checks)
• Register at NJ State Police


What We Will Cover

• NJ Attorney General’s Use of Force Policy
• Terrorism Awareness
• Cargo Theft
• Security Measures: Prevention and Deterrence
• Suspicious Letters and Packages
• Suicide Bombers and Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices (VBIED’s)
• First Aid Awareness
• Incident Command System
• Ethics
• Report Writing
• Street Gangs


SORA For The Armed Officer FAQ’s

1. If I am already a licensed security officer/owner/bounty hunter or private detective do I need to get re-fingerprinted?
Yes, Once you complete the initial armed security officer application you will need to be fingerprinted again.

2. Do I need to keep both security officer and armed officer SORA certifications current?
No, the armed security officer certification will supersede the regular security officer certification.

3. If I have a Retired Police Officer (RPO) permit to carry a firearm and work as an armed security guard do I need to be licensed under SORA?
Yes, unless you work for a State, County, Local Government, Commission, School Board, etc. All exemptions in SORA still apply. See SORA Act 45:19A-2b(3).

4. Do I need to renew each year with the armed security officer certification?
Yes, the armed security officer certification is an annual renewal and you must attend an 8 hour block of instruction by a licensed SORA instructor each year.

5. Is there any increase in the fees for armed security officer?
No, the fees have not changed.

6. What if I am an armed security officer and work in plain clothes?
You must have with you a badge indicating SORA Level 2 Armed Security Officer, armed security officer certification, and a valid firearms carry permit (or RPO).

7. What type of holster must I wear while working as an armed security officer?
You must secure your weapon in a Level 3 or higher holster.

8. Do I need to wear a specific uniform? 

Yes, if you wear a company uniform you need to wear a badge indicating a SORA Level 2 armed security officer and the words “SECURITY” printed on the reverse side of the shirt.

9. Do off duty, retired or active law enforcement working as an armed security guard need to obtain the Armed SORA certification?

10. Is there a separate SORA class for the armed security officer certification?
No, the SORA curriculum remains the same.


Instructor Bios:

All of our high-level courses are taught by experienced professionals with the credentials to prove it. They are all trained and certified by the N.J. Police Training Commission, N.J. Department of Criminal Justice, and possess Federal Law Enforcement Instructor Certifications. They are experts in N.J. Use of Force Policies, and are always updating the course material with the latest use of force guidelines and case law. At Gun For Hire, this is not a “hobby”, but a full-time, legitimate vocation. Any “instructor” can teach you something, but only a select few can teach you the “why” or the “root of law” to justify your actions. If you were to use your newly acquired skills and were required to justify your actions, Gun For Hire instructors are ready, willing, and able to testify in your defense, as long as you had followed the training and procedures we provided. It does you, and your loved ones, no good if you survive the fight but have spend the next thirty years in prison because of the wrong advice you were given by a part-time amateur “instructor”.


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