Gun Rentals 1 - Try it before you buy it

Try It Before You Buy It

Course Description:

The Dilemma.  How many times have you wanted to purchase a new firearm?  How many times have you hesitated because you had no way of knowing if that dream firearm was really right for you? Or if the investment you would make to purchase a firearm would be money well spent?

The Answer
Wouldn’t it be great to shoot that dream gun at a range?  To see if the sight picture was to your liking?  To feel the mechanism working?  To experience the recoil? To have a chance to shoot something you had never really considered before?

Face it:
There’s no substitute for spending “quality time” with that handgun, rifle, or shotgun. You’d be more confident as you made your final choice, wouldn’t you?  Of course you would!  Renting a firearm makes that possible.

And There’s More!
Don’t forget the fun side! Squeeze off a number of rounds just for the sensation of shooting something different. Increase your knowledge of a variety of firearms in the most practical way possible – by shooting them!  Impress your friends and business associates every time you say “Now let me show you something w-a-a-y cool!”

Course Pricing


You must have a valid New Jersey FID card and a valid pistol permit

Length of Course”:

One hour


Woodland Park Range
1267 McBride Ave, Woodland Park NJ. 07424

Whats Included:

One-on-one Training with our top instructors
One hour of range time
Eye and ear protection
2 Firearm Rentals of your choice (price is inclusive of ammo)

What to Bring:

Valid pistol permit
Valid drivers license

Instructor Bios:

Disclaimer: In an effort to keep all of our students safe course objectives and drills are subject to change.