We are raising money to build a home for West Paterson Fire Company 3! You can help “Raise the Roof” by shooting this AR-9 Trophy Gun in our ongoing competition between now and February 1st! Just stop in to Gun For Hire’s Woodland Park Range any day of the week! All proceeds go directly to Company 3.


No skill is required! Scoring will be based on a target with hidden playing cards!

All for a great cause!


Subject to all applicable laws, which must be followed.  Must have current, valid NJ FID card and all other credentials required by New Jersey law, and trophy winner must pass federal and state background check and meet all other legal requirements to take possession of firearms.  The trophy AR-9 contains a fixed, non-telescoping, non-folding stock, muzzle brake, and 10-round magazine in full compliance with New Jersey law.

Besides the opportunity to Shoot the AR for $20 we are also offering an incredible opportunity to a limited number of corporate sponsors. Your logo or name will be on our walls, the walls of the new firehouse and our website home page for years to come. We are offering limited space for Corporate or Personal Sponsorship! When you donate $500 not only are you making sure these Fire Fighters get a home, your full color logo or message will be printed and proudly displayed on a printed metal plaque at Gun For Hire, on our website and at the Firehouse for years to come!

All for a great cause! Please make checks payable to West Paterson Fire Company 3. You can deliver the checks to Gun For Hire or mail them! Email your logo or message to

Attn: AxeMen
Gun For Hire
1267 McBride Ave.
Woodland Park, NJ 07046


The Point Leader is Tim!
Total Points 190!

Who’s gonna’ move him down! Maybe YOU?!

You still have a lot of time to compete! Final drawing for the competition is February 1st!

Target# Competitior’s Name Town Total Points Scored
001 Jessica Di Bianca “Jessie Jaine” Summit 16
002 George Yannou Garfiled 16
003 Jessica Di Bianca “Jessie Jaine” Summit 27
004 Jessica Di Bianca “Jessie Jaine” Summit 5
005 Velibor Uzilac Little Falls 142
006 Velibor Uzilac Little Falls 25
007 Jules D. Giulio Woodland Park 58
008 Sandra Reda Woodland Park 52
009 Sergio Harris Englewood 11
010 Sergio Harris Englewood 19
011 Michael Commins Jersey City 65
012 Skyler Cunha Union 5
013 Sergio Cunha Union 20
014 Ryan Lynch Saddle Brook 63
015 John Lynch Saddle Brook 15
016 John Lynch Saddle Brook 53
017 Raymond Dezur Mt Holly 11
018 Holly Prassakos Wayne 24
019 John Scherer Hillsborough 12
020 Susan Citarella Belleville 53
021 Shawne Greene Bloomingdale 7
022 Nicholas Tummill Dumont 16
023 Joseph Bagonis Wanaque 13
024 Sergio Harris Englewood 61
025 Ryan Lynch Saddle Brook 64
026 Sergio Harris Englewood 34
027 Steven Foglio Oakland 56
028 Scott Carter Little Falls 63
029 Samantha Colella Oakridge 2
030 Michael Bonilla Bronyx 39
031 Michael Bonilla Bronyx 17
032 Kenneth Davoren Newark 142
033 Rebecca Miller 18
034 Dawn Barber Midland Park 70
035 Louis Leibowitz New York 153
036 Ed Green Wood Bridge 49
037 Gary Allison Glassboro 62
038 Gary Allison Glassboro 70
039 Joey Grimaldi Kenilworth 21
040 Tim O’Shea Englewood Cliffs 190
041 Nichol Vinnal Clifton 16
042 Butch Anthanx Highland Lakes 5
043 Moyad Banyelmarjeh Secaucus 10
044 Linda Doening Haledon 7
045 Louis Leibowitz New York 153