Congratulations on grabbing our Brochure! Below are some quick notes about your visit and the age restrictions. Out of State? Out of Country? You’re All Welcome!

All you need to shoot is a photo ID and a friend! When entering you will be greeted by our hostess. After a quick photo you will be off to choose what gun you would like to rent. We have everything you need including targets, ammo, eye and ear protection and even a 15 minute course to make sure you are comfortable with the firearm. Once in the Range you will feel excited and energetic! Our Range Safety Officers will see to it that you will never feel nervous or embarrassed. We pride ourselves on our incomparable family environment and incredible staff and we have the awards and ratings to prove it. Come on in and experience it for yourself or you could ask any of the previous 1.2 million visitors!

Renting a firearm and shooting with a friend or relative (2 person minimum)

Everyone in your group will need to bring ALL the following items:
1) State or Government issued photo ID (Drivers license or Passport)
2) Great attitude!


Age restrictions

2 Shooter Package: 1 Adult age 21 and older with a teenager 18 and older
You get to use the package as advertised on the brochure! No substitutions necessary.

2 Shooter Package: 1 Adult age 21 and older with a child between the age of 8-12.
We will substitute at no additional charge the AR-15 with 50 rounds to a Ruger 1022 with 100 rounds. This is a great fun rifle that kids really enjoy shooting plus you get 50 more bullets to shoot for free!

2 Shooter Package: 2 Teenagers age between 18-20
We will substitute at no additional charge the Glock pistol 19 (50 rounds) to an Ak-47 (40 rounds). This is a due to the law that states you must be accompanied by an adult 21 years are older to shoot a pistol.

2 Shooter Package: 2 people between the age of 8-17.
Not allowed to rent due to the minor not having an adult 21 years or older.