NJCOPS REFINE YOUR SKILLS MAY 2013 Recent events of the past month show us that the front line Police Officer is the one that is ALWAYS in harm’s way. The terrorist attacks at the Boston Marathon showed the uniformed officer rushing in to help and save others and as Boston was shut down the front line officer paid the ultimate price and another was severely wounded in the femoral artery during the investigation and events that led to the capture of the terrorists. By way the way, there is a product that can protect the femoral artery from gunshot wounds. The Boston Mass transit Officer lost all of his blood and had three (3) heart stoppages before the miracles of modern medical could stabilize him. The BUGG and BUGG out BDU offer Level III A ballistic protection for the thigh and femoral artery region. With these “new” threats such as terrorist and bombings police officers face even greater challenges that will bring increased scrutiny to an already highly scrutinized profession. Bottom line is now, more than ever, we need to be on our game. An event such as the Boston Marathon Bombing gives us a chance to refocus and rededicate ourselves to our mission of “Protect and Serve”. A simple step that we can take to refocus ourselves is to step up our training efforts. This is easier said than done in New Jersey, the most congested state in the union. Well the answer just got a little easier…The Woodland Park Range. Located in Woodland Park, New Jersey, and situated just off two major highways this state of art training facility will offer training solutions for the new recruit or the most experienced tactical expert. The Woodland Park Range offers a total of nineteen (19) ports, six (6) fifty (50) yard ports and thirteen (25) twenty five (25). Law Enforcement will be able to shoot any weapon in their arsenal at this range. The Woodland Park Range also offers the ability to run tactical training such as motor vehicle stops and room clearing drills. This facility also offers several classrooms to conduct instructional training before moving to the range. The Woodland Park Range will also offer tactical and shooting courses as well as offer space for the department looking to come in run training for their own officers. One testimonial that has stuck in my head came from Action Target. Action Target installed all the targeting systems in the facility, and they said “This range would be OUR DREAM RANGE!” As a police officer we all understand that life gets in the way, and training to refine skills such as shooting and tactics become less of a priority. Plus, add the fact that because it is so congested the State of New Jersey is not exactly conducive to shooting. A Police Officer’s best weapon is a winning mindset and a winning mindset goes hand in hand with proper training. A proper mindset cannot be achieved by doing something two (2) times a year, like qualifying with our firearm. The Woodland Park Range and Training Facility will provide and offer essential tools to help us achieve our primary goal…to GO HOME SAFE!