Went here on a date, not really knowing what to expect.  I figured shooting a gun would be like a round of mini golf or something!

It was super intimidating but totally worth the drive from NYC and the price.  As soon as we entered, we filled out some paperwork and handed in our ID’s.  My date had been to a shooting range a bunch of times but it was my first time.  When we went up to the counter there were so many different options of guns, I was overwhelmed.  Thankfully the staff was really knowledgeable and helped guide us in the right direction.  We ended up paying for a bit of a lesson just because I literally didn’t even know how to pick up the gun etc.  It was good because it helped put my mind at ease knowing that a professional was going to walk me through it step by step.

The hand gun felt powerful and there’s something about the first time you shoot a gun that I guess is indescribable.  We only did a few rounds and ended up taking a few good shots and some random ones too.

Next up was the rifle.  This was bad ass.  Of course, the instructor and my date insisted I shoot first because I might be intimated to watch it and then chicken out.  So there I was loading the gun, holding it up and pushing it up against my shoulder blade and finally shot it – holy crap there was force in that thing.  It was important I learned how to operate that bad boy in case there ever is a zombie apocalypse -someone’s gotta protect the farm.  P.S. the target was a zombie so that was awesome.

Overall, amazing experience and I’m really glad I found this place on YELP.  I would totally go back.

Kimberly L – 5 Stars