I’ve been shooting before and I can tell you it is a FACT that these facilities are gorgeous. The place is so sleek and modern and it makes me feel so much more prestigious.

The gun ranges here are well lit in everywhere and anywhere and the place looks like a brand new air port. The appearance made it look much more higher class than it actually is.

In other shooting ranges, you see the port walls being made out of wood and it would be so run down you would think they hired a few guys to put it together half assedly. The walls and ceilings would be full of bullet holes and it would have plaster everywhere and look like they have they just took a bucket and splashed it on the wall and left it like that.

NOT here you won’t! Everything is in tip top condition. But of course it is also a bit pricier than other ranges. Here, you can find the ports and gun rental prices online.

I got rented out a S&W M&P for 15 dollars and a port for 25 dollars an hour. If you have an extra guest it would be another 15 an hour. I had 3 people in my port which is the maximum so I paid 55 for the hour and we all shared one gun (we are broke).

The pricing of the ammo depends on its caliber. I had a 9mm gun and the price was 30 dollars for 50 rounds. For 22 cals, it would be significantly cheaper at 13 dollars for 50 rounds. All in all, we paid for one gun, 3 people at one port, and 150 rounds. I don’t know exactly what we asked for but the total came out to be 63 dollars per person. This is much more pricier than other places that charge 40-50 dollars and I’ve been to a place that charges 30 initial for 50 rounds everything included.

Price aside, the staff is very kind and knowledgeable and took time to explain to the new comers what is what and offered a first time introductory class for 25$. I visited the website and it says that you MUST have one if it is your first time, but they didn’t really enforce it since we had first time shooters.

They also try to keep up their appearance and ask you to be courteous and careful about shooting the walls and they do NOT tolerate rapid fire. I personally did not think there was enough people to watch the ports (there was 3 watching 10 ports) because there were some people taking guns out of ports and what not but at other places I will be lucky to have 1 watching the ports.

You also don’t have to be 21 or 18 to shoot as long as you have someone older than 18 to rent out the gun. This is a high light for people who live in NY because no one under 21 can shoot here.

All in all, the place is beautiful but pricier, but I would definitely come back here.

Edward M – 5 Stars