This is my first Yelp review, and I am glad it’s for Guns For Hire. I took my boyfriend here for his birthday and we both loved the experience. We were both first-time shooters, but the staff put us up-to-speed in a very friendly and informative manner. We paid $25 for the introductory course, and I highly recommend it if you’ve never shot a gun before. Our instructor was awesome and very thorough, without taking up a lot of time. The facility was spotless; it was very well-maintained  and the staff was very welcoming and friendly.

You get to chose your gun… A+ and not very common from what I’ve read at least.

I can’t say if this was pricey or not because it was our first shooting experience, but it wasn’t an arm & a leg, so that was fine with me!! Highly recommend it!! 🙂

Stephany T – 5 Stars