fire all of your guns at once and explode into space
watching anyone dominate their craft fuels me. this explains my love of concerts, why i devour beautiful meals, and my compulsion to read classic literature.

Watching my father shoot is like reading poetry.

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through the years, i got glimpses into this society of gun owners, but it was not until i decided to go through the process of obtaining my license and purchasing a firearm for myself that i gained total admittance into my father’s universe.

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i have been dying to bring anthony inside this world i share with the man who loved me first. i need him to understand the connection you can feel when you are side by side in a port.

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Anthony did shoot clay pigeons once, but an indoor range with super powerful weapons (and a future father in law!) is a whole different animal.

the mister and i visited gun for hire in woodland park nj, the range where my father works, which is totally unlike any i have been to prior. gun for hire is not a boys’ club.

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once through the doors, we quickly learned, gun for hire is not a place to be intimidated, but a place to learn. the nj indoor shooting range, focuses on education, reverence for firearms, and self-protection. gun for hire defines the ‘new school’ of gun training.

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everything is bright, clean, welcoming, and safe. the staff is friendly, funny, and each member of the team has a clear and deep respect for the process. we had a great couple in the neighboring port offering us shots with their gun. when the girl nailed the bull’s eye we all cheered. it felt like we were in it together!

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our time at the range could not have been better. after pops gave anthony a safety lesson, we shot my gun (.357 mag) and then had the opportunity to shoot everything from mild recoiling .22 handguns my father custom built, to tactical rifles and shotguns.

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when we fired off enough rounds for the day, we walked over to the range’s rifle camp café to enjoy a delicious, freshly prepared lunch with my dad and the owner of gun for hire, anthony colandro. we were fortunate to meet massad ayoob, author and internationally respected firearms and self-defense instructor who was in house to teach a class at the range.

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my dude could not have received a warmer or more positive welcome into the world of firearms. huge thanks to my dad and the entire staff at gun for hire in woodland park, nj for making this trip to the range one we will never forget!

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if you want to learn more about this sport, stop into gun for hire. the staff is happy to address any reservations you have. if you are a first time shooter or a woman apprehensive about diving into this stereotypical “man’s world,” this is the place to go.

you are welcome to email me for more information or contact gun for hiredirectly at: 888.GUN.FOR.HIRE (888.486.3674)

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