I’ve been listening to the GFH Podcast for a couple of years. I’ve taken a few classes at the old site (Belleville) and at the new site (Woodland Park). However, for some reason I’ve never shot at the range.

This past week I took my Glock 17L, Ruger 1022, Smith AR15 and a bunch of ammo to the indoor 25 foot Woodland Park range. Wow, what an impressive range. The NY Tri State area is not well know for the shooting sports, which is why most ranges are under funded. However the GFH range is brand new, has bright independent booth lighting, an electronic target retrieval system, the air circulation/filtration does a an ecellent job of keeping the air fresh (does not have the strong gun powder smell of most indoor ranges), professional and helpful range safety officers, knowledgable staff, a nice selection of weapons for rent and a well stocked accessories counter. The only thing  missing is the selling of firearms.   However, I do understand the headache associated with selling firearms in NJ.

I’ve lived in Arizona, Florida and shot in PA, NC, DE, VA, HI, CA and NV and this is one of the nicest ranges not only in NJ but in the entire US. Bravo GFH, great place and keep up the good work. Stay strong.