Check Out Chasing New Jersey’s Video about Anthony P. Colandro, Gun For Hire CEO stand for New Jersey’s Gun rights.

My9 New Jersey

Woodland Park, New Jersey (My9NJ) -After the hearing Monday on the controversial ten-round magazine law, many gun owners became enraged over the fact that they could quickly become felons if their firearms hold more than ten bullets.

Anthony Colandro owns the Gun For Hire gun range in Woodland Park, New Jersey and he says that if the proposed law passes, 40% of his rental guns will be illegal and he’ll become an immediate criminal for owning them. Colandro also says that his customers are concerned about this law and don’t understand why they’re being targeted.

“My customers which are all law-abiding citizens, cause you have to have a firearms ID card, they’re all disgusted, they can’t believe that they’re being put in this position and that they’re going to be made felons. It’s quite disheartening and in a state that you grew up in and you love and you pay taxes, to have our legislatures just make me a felon,” he explained.

One of the reasons behind the magazine limit law was allegedly that the “bad guys” would have to stop to reload and that could save lives. But Colandro questioned that after showing that even a novice shooter could reload pretty quickly. He is afraid that past stereotypes are what are driving these changes.

“We’re not all old white guys clinging to our guns and our bible, it’s not about that anymore those days are long gone,” Colandro said.

He feels that more supporters would back this law if they added one addition to the proposal that would state, “In the commission of a crime”. Therefore, if someone committed a crime while carrying a magazine that shoots more than ten rounds, they can be punished to the fullest extent of the new law.