As usual, well done guys . Shotgun has always been my least used gun and one in which I felt doubts about  my competence, notwithstanding I am an NRA Instructor. Left the class feeling much more self-assured and knowing what areas I really need to work on.

With a small rotator-cuff tear in my strong arm, halfway thru the class it was difficult to maintain the gun in the air doing tactical reloads (as you saw ). Nothing I can do about it other than to know and respect my own limitations.

Anthony – ever the marketing man, as you have classes for women only, you may wish to consider classes for those of us in the AARP crowd . Diminished eyesight, bifocals, flexibility, strength and overall aging of the body does not mean we need to be out of the game. It does, however, require we adapt and learn to work around those natural facts of life and within our limitations.

I guess my door breaching days are over