New Jersey’s first Pro-­‐2nd Amendment talk show is now “The Voice of 1 MillionNew Jersey Gun Owners.”

Master Firearms Trainer and Urban Defense Expert, Anthony P. Colandro and International Bestselling Author and broadcast veteran, Alexander “Sandy” Berardi share the “how to’s” and “what for’s” of legal, responsible gun ownership, and protecting your most valuable assets… yourself and your family, especially in the dangerous and crowded Urban and suburban environments we live and work in.

They, and their guest experts, answer questions and give advice. They talk about the news, current events, and legislation that are important to New Jersey Gun Owners.

They’ll keep you abreast of fast-­‐paced changing laws, pending legislation and anti-­‐ gun wackiness that can impact your right to protect and safeguard the life and safety of you and your family.

They expose the veiled propaganda and “under the radar” midnight attacks against your second amendment rights from Washington, Trenton, Hollywood, the mainstream media and the powerful Anti-­‐Gun Industry.

And they do it all from behind the “Second Amendment Iron.