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About the Metropolitan Society
The Metropolitan Society was created in 1994 to celebrate and promote the responsible use of fine cigars, food, wine and spirits and, most of all, the good fellowship among our many members. Today, the club is the nation’s oldest non-commercial establishment of its kind. Metropolitan Society members regularly savor the elegant surroundings of their luxurious 4200 square foot domain, where they relax free from the intolerance and shrill of the anti-smoking crowd while fostering the camaraderie of others who share their enthusiasm for fine cigars.
Whether it’s in the Lounge, where members relax over conversation and a smoke or Quiet Room, where a member can entertain a client, read a book or just catch up on some work; the Game Room, where friendly challenges can include games of poker, pool or darts; or in the luxurious new La Cubana Room, in which members enjoy fine monthly dinners at which speakers from major cigar and beverage brands join us to offer samples of the “good life,” the Metropolitan Society is the place to meet.
Our Locker Room / walk-in humidor, while located in the center of our building, is never the less the Society’s cornerstone. You enter through a magnificent stained glass door. The plush carpeted room houses 190 lockers that feature custom made oak doors with individually keyed locks. This room is kept at a constant 70 degrees fahrenheit with a humidity level of 70 percent. Incidentally, because of its sealed construction, this is the only room in our building where smoking is prohibited.
Conveniently located in Fairfield, New Jersey, we are a private club, a sanctuary, where people craving the satisfaction and pleasure of a fine cigar can meet in a hassle-free environment. Take refuge in The Metropolitan Society. Relax, fire up a fine cigar and take in the atmosphere of a very special place. No one is going to bother you here. You can stay connected to the world when you’re here, too. WiFi Internet is available throughout the building, if you are bringing a laptop computer, or, you can access the Internet through a public hardwired computer which is located in our quiet room.
Learn more about The Metropolitan Society. Read about us in eminent publications such as Cigar Aficionado, Smoke and CigarWeekly. Print our new brochure.
If you have any questions about the Metropolitan Society, feel free to contact us!


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