So its Labor day and as a date we decide to come to Guns for Hire and let me say it was a great decision! The staff is amazing and friendly, theyre serving free hot dogs kosher and tofu!! The receptionist were sweethearts and everybody else was funny and helpful. I would have gave it 5 stars but for 2 people it was close to $200 so it is kind of pricey.. I guess I have to save up for that membership they have. Now we’re waiting to shoot Im super stoaked!!!

Ok so I came back to continue my review after shooting and my opinion is the same. This is the best shooting range in the state! Sai at the counter was super friendly and helpful… our instructor Adam was very thorough and patient with us and the rest of the instructors made everything fun and easy.  This place must treat their employees right because its rare to see people actually enjoying their job despite the fact that it was a holiday. It was my first time and def not my last!! Guns for hire just got 2 new fans!

Angel L – 4 Stars