Will start off by saying that I’ve only been to one other gun range and that was in Texas.

My friends brought me here as a surprise birthday activity and it was such an amazing experience. The staff is so friendly and ridiculously helpful – from the the ladies at the front desk to the instructors inside of the ranges. It’s super clean and everything is really well organized.

We rented a pretty standard firearm but Sai at the rentals counter gave us a couple options to pick from and was just overall a cool dude. I even got a free t-shirt as a birthday gift.

Two of my friends had never shot before so we had to take a quick intro course with Louie who was funny, to the point, and a great instructor. One gripe is that it’s tough taking an instructional course inside if the range cause it’s hard to hear.

Overall I had a blast, literally and figuratively, and definitely plan going back!

Celeste R – 5 Stars