So I have wanted to go to a shooting range for years but since no New York ranges allow handguns I always put it off. And then my boyfriend found Gun For Hire and I just couldn’t wait to give it a try. The place is pretty big and offers all kinds of classes outside of the standard rent and shoot deal. As first timers, we needed to sign up and fill out a bunch of forms ( a bit annoying but alas necessary). Then we were instructed to go to the rental booth to pick out our guns and ammo (they have over 100 choices from revolvers to shotguns). The guy at the booth was knowledgeable but a bit rushed as there were only two attendees and a bunch of people waiting. Nevertheless, he recommended a proper handgun for first timers like us (a Glock 9mm but we went with the Beretta x4 Storm) and hooked us up with the ammo and safety eye and ear wear. Then another 10min wait and we were in. I was pleasantly surprised by the wait time as it was Sunday and the plaplace looked packed. As we were newbie,s we had to take a 20min beginners course but were allowed to share a booth and the firearm. The instructor, Gary, was very cool, showed us how to handle the gun, load it and, of course shoot. He stayed around afterwards to answer any questions and help. We ended up shooting for 40min and went through 2boxes of ammo. Altogether, the gun rental, ammo, safety equipment, the course, and targets sumed up to $150 – definitely very reasonable and much less than expected. We will definitely be back – had lots of fun and also enjoyed the place and customer service.

Boyana T
New York City, New York