Anthony, I enjoyed my experience up there so much there are no words to described it !

I’m now pretty much hooked on that place, you really have a hell of a place up there !!

And as for Jimmy ! I’ll tell you Ant you gotta a real find in that kid, he’s Awesome in a lot of ways, he has like a perfect personality to deal with people, and there are a lot of people, he’s also a master with the AR platform rifle……he is an asset for sure up there…….

I want to do the build a rifle thing next Ant and I insist on having Jimmy as my teacher, is that possible Ant ?
I have his email now and I will go thru the details of the gun with him, but I wanna do it.

And I wish you guy’s all the luck in the world with that operation you both had, I can see such a difference in you two when I see older pictures.
Now that I know, God Bless you’s……….

Have a Great Thanksgiving,

Truly yours,