We were visiting New York for the good ladys birthday, I decided to tick off her bucket list and arrange for her to go shooting . Due to State laws, you can’t shoot a handgun at a New York range (unless licensed, owner, military or police etc) so after a bit of research I found Gun for hire.
Two buses and around an hours drive took us to a sleepy suburban street on which we found, in a very discreet building, the Gun for hire range.
We checked in and after verifying our id’s and talking us through the do’s and don’ts we chose the guns we wished to use, paid for them, our ammunition and targets and were led down to a range where an instructor put us through our paces. There was no pressure, we worked away at our own pace and herself certainly let off some steam. I’m not sure whose face she saw on those targets, I just hope it wasn’t mine.
This is no macho, shoot em’up place, it’s just a friendly, affable bunch of people who are used to dealing with nervous first timers. With a coffee/ snack bar on site and frequent buses stopping right outside, it’s a pleasent change from all the NY sight seeing and a great escape from the Jersey outlet malls.
Give it a go if you’re ever visiting New York. You’ll probably find that you like it.

Dublin, Ireland