Hi GFH Family.

First I would like to thank all of my Family members at GFH. It is easy for me to call you family because that is how I am treated when at this facility.

I have spent many hours and shot thousands of rounds in my club over the last year. I have also taken many instructional and learning courses in both locations as well.

I cant thank you enough for all that you have provided to me and my family in the arena of firearms and safety.

Instructors like Jimmy Grammenos who have a skill set and talent to teach in such a way that you learn easily and have a confidence within yourself in what you have learned.

Bill Fearon has giving me a level of training that helps me look at firearm handling and accuracy in a whole new way.

Anthony Colandro is a copulation of both these very skilled individual all wrapped up in to one with a selflessness in passing on his knowledge to everyone who wants to learn.

I could praise on and on about the many special people who work at GFH, but that would take away from my range time. We cant have that now can we..LOL

Thanks GFH. God Bless, Stand Strong

David O.- Platinum.