My boyfriend and I went to gun for hire for the first time this weekend for his birthday. A coworker suggested it and said I will love it and get over my fear of guns. We came late on Saturday after waiting on some other people that didn’t show up. We signed up and waited maybe 45 mins to start. The entire time my anxiety started to build. I am terrified of guns and didn’t think I would be able to do it.

We get inside with our glock 19 and I’m ready to back out. But Kevin came up to us to show us the 15 min instruction course. Kevin is honestly the only reason I was able to do it. The instruction and encouragement really made me feel at ease. My first shot was right through the middle. It was such a great feeling.

We will be back to use bigger and more powerful guns. It was such a great experience. Kevin came back to make sure we were still having a great time. The comfort level I felt at this place will remain with me. Gun for hire was a great experience for a first timer. It was so clean, organized and everyone we met was so helpful. Thanks Gun for hire and Kevin for my new obsession!!!

Channing T – 5 Stars