What an awesome place to relieve some stress!

This was the 2nd time I’d ever been to an indoor gun range and it was even better than my 1st experience a year ago! Gun for Hire was very organized, professional and the service was impeccable. My friends and I shoot guns as a recreational activity once or twice a year, so we are pretty much amateurs like most individuals. Pretty simple, if you’re not used to frequenting gun ranges, here’s the lowdown on the process of getting started here:

1. At the front desk you’ll have to fill out and sign some personal information forms and waivers.
2. Go to the gun selection area and pick out the guns you would like to shoot. Don’t be ashamed to tell the cashier that you’re not an experienced shooter and ask them for recommendations if you’re not sure. They are very helpful.
3. Pay for the gun rental, bullets, targets and eye/ear protection rental.
4. Wait for your group to be called. The great thing is that there is a TV displaying the wait list.
5. Once the group is called up, you put on your eyes and ears (protection) and pick up the gun you rented. An employee will assist with setting the gun up at the port. After they step away, you’re free to load up the gun on your own and let it rip towards the target!

A few tips to just keep in mind:

– Port rentals go by the hour ($15/hour).

– 3 people per port (unless it’s extremely crowded then they will allow 4). I recommend coming here when they open if you come on a weekend.

– 1 gun rental at a time per port. You can rent multiple guns, but you can only bring one rented gun with you into the range and then swap it out whenever you’d like.

– Although shooting guns at the range can be a thrill, it can get quite pricey quickly, specifically since the bullets cost quite a bit. I came with 3 other friends and we rented 2 guns and bought 90 rounds of ammo total. With the gun rental, port rental, eyes/ear rental, targets, bullets purchase our total came out to over $200

– Loading guns – My friends and I were familiar with loading the guns on our own, but if you’re not, they offer 15 minute classes (which you can purchase) on how to load the gun you rented. There are also multiple employees inside the port range to assist with giving quick 30 second refreshers on how to load guns and to assist with guns jamming.

In summary, Gun For Hire was the best gun range I’ve been to yet! The service was superb, the range was clean and organized and our experience was awesome!