Hello GFH!

Id like to take the time to thank you all for an amazing first time experience my girlfriend and I had visiting your facility. We drove an hour to get to Little Falls, about an hour wait, and an hour back home but our trip was well worth it!

Although someone mentioned that it was unusually over-crowded and our wait time would have been about an hour, it was well organized and had a very friendly/welcoming atmosphere.

Once inside, my girlfriend was so frightened of the loud gun shots, it made her cry. I would like to thank the 2 staff members inside the range who took the time out to talk to her, calm her down and make her comfortable. Especially the one with the beard/mustache and a faded star tattoo on his forearm that I did not get his name, nor the chance to thank him in person before we left. The other staff member was kind enough to trade earmuff’s and help her with buds purchased from the counter.

Overall, as soon as we left the facility, there was a giant smile on my girl’s face and she’s really excited to plan another trip.

Thanks again GFH!
– jimbo