Hi Anthony,
 You know what I like most about the Gun For Hire 6 Star Range? Your most important asset of all, the people who work there! Your employees always go above and beyond, but this week, one employee in particular, was a prime example of why I’ll never go anywhere else.

 Let me share something with you. Last month, I took Bill Fearon’s holster draw course. He’s amazing, and the course was absolutely perfect. We’ve spoken about him before. He’s a great instructor, hands down.

 Last night, I decided to try working on my holster draw at the range for the first time since the course. The first time out solo, holster draw is a pretty intimidating experience. (I’ve practiced over 1000 times at home to build that muscle memory, as advised). As I walked into the 50 yard range, the first thing the RSO did was greet me by my first name. That’s always big! I know he really didn’t know me, but it was the first sign of that personal touch. 

 Anyway, I started slowly and deliberately, thinking through every small move. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the RSO watching everything I did. He finally came up to me. “Here we go”… as if I wasn’t tense enough. I figured I must be breaking some rule or something. Just the opposite. He told me he had been inspecting my form, and my scan, and it was good. Then he asked if he could work with me. He loaded all of my mags randomly, and then started calling off shots. Like I had a personal trainer. I can’t tell you how impressed with his willingness to help and his knowledge.  You know when you finish something and you can see the marked improvement over when you started? That was one of those times. I was sure to thank him and shake his hand. His name is Louie, and he’s absolutely stellar.  Not to mention, I was one of the last guys on the range on Superbowl Sunday. Anywhere else, somebody would be nudging out the door. Not this guy. 

 I’m not sure if you hand-pick the people that work for you, or if they’re just drawn to excellence, but they’re the best. The only other place in the world that’s really found that secret, in my mind, is DisneyWorld.  I guess there’s room for two happiest places on earth.  I personally like the one with the guns! You guys are the best!