Apparently, shooting a gun is like riding a bicycle – it is fun, and once you learn it, you don’t forget how to do it.
(…Mind you, I don’t know how to ride a bicycle…)
I did handle a gun in military class in prep school (yea…) – and at that time I paid more attention to cute boy next to me and none to guns and teachers…

So I decided to take beginner’s class to refresh my memory this year. (Hey, why not?)
I was half expecting to fall asleep in the class and wake up when it’s time to practice – boy, I was wrong! Classes here are awesome, and instructors are cool – there was so much information to process, your head will spin.

In addition to gun-related classes, they also offer self-defense courses, no-weapon or using simple objects, to protect yourself in case of attack. Seriously, everyone need to take one of those! You can book them online – it is quick and easy.

But of course, classes aside, this is a shooting range… You will have some time to get your adrenaline pumpin’ after the class with couple of guns and good amount of ammo – or, you can come in on your own and rent one of their guns – there are hundreds to choose from. Revolvers, semi, shotguns, and everything else. Oh, boy. Dare I to compare this to a candy store? ~swoon~
(And apparently, I do remember how to shoot, woohoo! Anybody need a gun for hire?? Kidding, kidding…)
There is 15 min beginners introduction if you completely lost and renting for first time. (Note if you are male, you must be accompanied by someone to rent) It is great for groups – you can share the port with 2 of your friends. Clean, well-organized, and staff is simply outstanding. So. Much. Fun! Do it. Nadia Z.