I took my two friends because they asked me how to shoot, so I said let’s go to a gun range.

Went to Gun For Hire today for the first time. Walked in, and was shocked how clean the place was. When I think of gun range… I think of dirty carbon smell… But none of that. Walk right in, get greeted by two very nice ladies at the desk, fill out paperwork, and verify information. Paid the range ree, and walked right on. The RSO and other team members were awesome. They helped us out as much as they could to get us shooting as quickly as possible. One of the team members, Mike, even went as far as teaching my friend’s girlfriend some stances, and proper holding techniques. Big shout out to Kevin as well. You both are a tremendous asset to Gun For Hire, with the knowledge you displayed earlier. Better to learn from someone you don’t know, that person will pay more attention. I am very surprised how FRIENDLY the entire staff was. No one looked like they hated their job, and didn’t want to be there. Usually on a gun range, I believe the staff expects you to come prepared, and know how to operate a firearm, but not Gun For Hire. Awesome range, can’t wait to go back and thrash some paper!!

Jordan Vashey 5 Stars