first time shooting so naturally I was a bit nervous, but the staff was amazing. Here’s the run down of what happened once we came in.

The upbeat welcoming receptionist had us go into a classroom and fill out a quick 2 minute packet. Then we had our pics taken at the front desk and were sent to the back. On the way I noticed a radio station room that was in use and pretty cool. In the back we got to pick out our guns and get our gear. Since it was my first time shooting, we had a staff member (who was cool as heck) give us a quick 2 minute run down of how to hold, fire and aim a gun and we were on our way!

The place was super tidy and the staff was as welcoming as I could have imagined. For 2 handguns, 4 boxes of ammo, 3 targets, a one hour session in our port, eye and ear protection, and a quick first timer training session, it was under $220… quite reasonable if you ask me.

I would definitely come here again, soon if I could! Also I would 100% recommend this place to anyone. We were told it gets super busy daily, we got lucky but as we were leaving the back area was filled with people waiting to rent their ports. Seems to be two areas, a 25 and 50 yard range area. Children were there and shooting supervised. The one thing I’d recommend is to rent a 2 hour port, you won’t want to leave.

K Cashh