Awesome place! The staff were super friendly and so were their customers! Got there early and while waiting for them to open up, everyone waiting to get in was having one big conversation like we all knew each other. The place is nice and clean. The guys at the firing range/line were super nice and super helpful. One of the employees named Alex was kind enough to show and give us pointers on our rentals. We also brought our own rifles and when one of mine broke, without hesitation he took it to the back and fixed it in 5 minutes @ no charge! He even suggested some parts to buy so it wouldn’t happen again. Alex was super friendly and not a grouch like in some of the other gun ranges around.  The rental and sign up process is a breeZe! Got signed up and rented in under 15 minutes! I will def. be back! Not too far from nyc also! Took me 40 minutes coming from Nassau county and that’s with a stop over at a Dunkin donuts!!

Mike O – 5 Stars