I just wanted to shoot you a quick email about my experience this past Friday at the Nappen Gun Law class.

First off, it was the first trip to Gun For Hire for both my father and I, and we were both immensely impressed with your facility. From the very first step I took inside your building I knew it was going to be a completely different experience than I’ve had at any other gun range I’ve been to. The ladies at the front desk were welcoming and helpful, everything was well organized and gave off such a professional feel. The walk down the hallway to the retail space was great, I got to see the classroom that we were going to be in, the radio studio and the 25 yard range. All of it being well lit and clean, again, just very professional.

As for the Nappen course, it was everything I was expecting and more. Evan is an absolute wealth of knowledge, made the material interesting and was entertaining with his “war stories” from the courtroom. I can not recommend this course enough, even before taking the course I was telling people to sign up, but now that I have, I’m really going to press my fellow NJ gun owners to do so. It is a MUST if you are a NJ gun owner.
And the topper of all toppers, was that I was lucky enough to say “I’ll buy it!” first in the classroom, and left your facility with my very own “Nappen Rig”. And I’m thinking it’s quite possible that I may be one of the only people with a TRUE Nappen Rig, since it was actually owned and sold to me by Evan himself! Unless of course this is something he does at all his classes…which I just thought about as I type. But even if it is, there is only a limited quantity of TRUE Nappen Rigs in the world! (PS- I have to thank you and your staff for given me the ‘member discount’ on the transfer for that transaction. I’m sure it was because Evan was the seller, but I do appreciate it, and I hope I’m not getting anyone in trouble for spilling the beans!)

I will absolutely be making the trip back to your facility for future classes, even though it takes me about an hour to get there from Monmouth County, I would much rather drive 60 minutes to your range, than 30 minutes to the ranges in Lakewood, as the experience is so much better. I think the Utah CCW class will be my next session.

Also, I got a chuckle from your sign in the men’s room with regards to hitting the target and if not getting handed a slingshot, but of course now after Nappen’s course I know that if you handed me a slingshot, we’d both be guilty of a felony in good ol’ New Jersey.

Also, you truly are half the man you used to be, I first met you ever so briefly at a NJ2AS meeting years ago when Alan Gura was the guest speaker. When you walked into the room on Friday, I was stunned. I’m happy for you that you are doing so well, keep up the good work. You are inspiring lots of people with your pro-2A work in NJ and now with your healthy lifestyle.

Looking forward to my next GFH visit.

Have a great Sunday.

Andrew Rytter
PS- if you read this on the air, it’s pronounced like Ryder Trucks, NOT like John Ritter from 3’s Company.