Been shooting since I was 12. First gun was .22 Ruger rifle. Fast forward to adulthood and I’ve been a registered NJ pistol owner for 13yrs. But I had no formal firearms training. GFH changed all that.! Took NRA First Steps Pistol and Florida CCW both as their one day course. Jimmy’s instruction was relaxed and very approachable. Even gave me pointers on the live-fire action. Several weeks later signed up for Utah CCW with Charlie running the course. I cannot emphasize in words the level of wit, knowledge, and wisdom one will get being in a class with Charlie Padula. His experience is top-notch and it’s a real treat getting instruction from him. You’ll love his stories.! That very same day walked over to retail and signed-up for Silver membership! Immediately used my new privileges by renting for free a Glock 30 and shooting 50 rounds of .45cal. Need I say more.? Next class- How to draw from a holster.!

Bonifacio Jose De Asis – 5 Stars