I use the shooting range at Gun for Hire about once a month on average. It’s by far the cleanest and most inviting shooting range that I’ve ever been to. I did my research before I started coming here almost 3 years ago and was impressed by what I saw.

I’ve taken lessons with Gun for Hire before they opening this location so when they opened, I was really excited. It can be expensive but you can see where the money goes. They have an automated target retrieval system, the booths are very well lit, they have the tv sets that inform you of where you are on the wait list, etc. Also, although I haven’t rented any of their guns, they do have a nice selection available. Their selection is definitely larger than most places in NJ. To be honest, there are very few ranges that offer gun rentals in the area. Therefore, it’s very much worth the money. Otherwise, you’d have to drive out to Pennsylvania.

I very much enjoy that they have a cafe, and since they’ve first opened, the cafe has improved tremendously. The drinks, the bread, the cheese, and even the taylor ham are all local products. The taylor ham menu options are awesome!!! This really helps especially if you have a long wait. You can also go next door to look at the shop.

I think the people who work there are nice and are generally not standoffish or have that “better than you” aura around them. I’ve definitely been to ranges where the staff is not approachable unless you’re a “real” gun person. I believe that when you’re new to shooting guns that’s exactly the time when you need as much hands on help as possible.

The facility has some strict rules, and I’ve been to some places where the range officer is overbearing. However, I definitely feel very safe and comfortable at Gun for Hire without feeling like I had a safety nut riding me.

Tips: I recommend going early on the weekends as it does get EXTREMELY busy, especially on Sundays. It’s usually better on the weekdays. You’re free to bring your own targets so if you want to save a little money, you can buy elsewhere and bring them with you. If you have your own gun, ammo, ear and eye protection, definitely bring all of it with you because they will charge you for it. Also, you can’t rent a gun if you’re a single male so make a day of it and invite a friend or two. Parking can be tricky since there are limited spots so carpool if you can and if you get there early, it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Lastly, another nice thing that they offer is the soap that washes off lead residue from your hands.

Overall, I find Gun for Hire a good place to go shooting, and generally affordable if you have your own equipment. Definitely sign up for their classes!

Carlo M – 4 Stars