This is my favorite shooting range. I’ve been here a few times with my husband and brother-in-law. As a woman, I’ve felt uncomfortable at other ranges because they always feel really intimidating. I took a general 1 hour course that covered gun safety, rules and regulations (at another school in NY). Therefore, I generally feel comfortable with a gun but I hate when the staff is standoffish towards me and my husband. None of that occurs at Gun for Hire. Everyone who works there is friendly and they make an effort to remember faces! I love the customer service and the modern facility is just a bonus!

They have two shooting areas but I usually stick to the main shooting area since I typically only shoot a .22 lr. They have automated targets instead of the old-fashioned pully system. They also have a computer screen on display that tells you when your hour is up. Generally, every stall is the same. However, if you’re shooting at the first or the last stall against the wall. The sound reflects off of it really strongly. Therefore, be sure that you have really good ear protection. Also, depending on how you hold your gun, the shells may bounce off and land on you which can really sting! (Tip: Wear long sleeves and a high collar!)

The wait time on the weekends can be atrocious so be sure to go early or visit during the weekdays when it isn’t crowded. Parking can be problematic at times so carpool if you’re going with others.

If you do have a wait, be sure to stop in the cafe for a bite or a drink! Most everything served there is NJ local. They have fantastic Taylor ham and cheese with egg sandwiches and a delicious bottle of root beer.

The women’s bathroom offers two types of hand soap. Such a nice touch! They have a nice fragranced hand soap and a hand soap that removes lead residue from your hands (D-Lead hand soap). It’s always clean and nice to know that they value their female customers.

Usually when I’m there, I typically see couples and from time to time, parents with their children. They do a great job with safety and make people feel safe and comfortable in their facility. They can be a little more expensive than other ranges but I feel that I get my money’s worth when I’m there. It’s a friendly atmosphere that encourages people to come back again and again.

Kristine D – 5 Stars