I have been shooting for several years and I am happy to say Gun For Hire is an excellent local, indoor shooting range. GFH is not only safe and clean; they also have over 100 different guns you can rent. Safety is everything when it comes to shooting ranges. Since there is everything from first-time shooters to expert-level, the staff must stay alert, which they absolutely were the few times I went.

I understand that guns (especially in the form of entertainment) are not for everyone. However, if you are on  the fence about it, I suggest you give it a shot (pun intended!) You might find that you truly enjoy shooting; it can be a great stress reliever. Guns don’t always have to be associated with violence, especially when you practice gun safety.

If you are not an experienced shooter, the staff will help you load your gun, aim, and stay safe. I suggest taking a course or two on the basics. If you sign up for their e-mail newsletter, you will see that they offer several different courses such as tactical vehicle ops, shooting on the move, specializing in different guns, self-defense, etc. You can even have your birthday party here!

Since this place is a bit pricey, you can save a few dollars by bringing some of your own gear. You can BYOT (bring your own targets), and, if you have yourown gun(s), ear protection & eye protection you can bring that as well.

Who can shoot?
-Adult Male Shooters: If you come with a friend, you and your friend do NOT need a firearms ID card, just a valid driver’s license or passport. If you come alone you need to bring a state issued firearms ID card.
-Adult Female Shooters: You can rent firearms alone and do not need a firearms ID card. Just a driver’s license or valid photo ID.
-Children 8-12 can shoot long guns and take rifle or shotgun courses. Children 13 to 17 years old are welcome to shoot handguns and take handgun courses.
-Of course, if you have a state issued firearms ID Card, you can rent alone anytime.

Laurie W – 5 Stars