I would just like you to know what a great job Charlie did for me. On Tuesday afternoon I bought a rifle on Gunbroker. I contacted the seller and paid for it and was told it would still ship today (Tuesday) if he got my FFL information by 5 PM. So, I filled out the online transfer info and paid my $20. Not knowing when someone would send the FFL info I call and spoke to Charlie, gave the email address and he sent it right out just telling me to make sure to call that the email didn’t go into their Spam filter. So I called the seller, he was already printing out the FFL. Long and short of it, I picked my new rifle up today (3 days) after UPS came in and again Charlie was great, got the rifle into your books and did the transfer for me. Your entire staff behind the counter today was great!

I’d also like to give a big thank you to Gary for spending some time talking about some rimfire rifles and getting me on the CZ kick. Both Charlie and Gary are fantastic!

I’m glad I called to speed up the transfer because I got and email on Thursday at 8:22 am from Sivin Rosado that he had sent the FFL info to my seller.

I just wanted you to know that I’m very happy and everyone made me feel they wanted to help and that goes for the women that answer the phone. They’ve always been helpful and gave me my customer #. Hey I’m under 1000!

Thank you,

Rick Wedemeyer