Best customer services I’ve encountered in a very long time!!!! Freaking excellent!!!!

We were greeted by 2 lovely receptionists. They ask if it was our first time and then handed us the necessary paperwork. We were directed into a classroom to fill it out. After we were done we went down to the fun stuff. Lol… We went to the counter where other team members explained the process and packages. I must say for a busy Friday afternoon. All team members were smiling, worked efficiently and helped everyone accordingly. We were taken care of by the manager who did an awesome job setting us up. He explained the gun types, package and also what to expect from the team members inside the range. While being processed by the manager we observed how the other team members felt with each guest. I must say I was very impressed by their level of professionalism. Whether they were first timers like us or members.

Now when got in the range. It was filled with folks enjoying their shooting time and also at least 5-6 team members. They were either helping shooters, sweeping away shells or just making sure things are going ok. For first timers we were given a 15 minutes safety session with a team member. He discussed how to hold the gun, load it, unload it, fire, stands etc. We went with a pistol and a rifle. There was a training on how to use each gun.

Overall we had a great experience. We can’t wait to go back with friends!!! Keep in mind all ages are welcome.

Tasheena S – 5 Stars