All kidding aside, after our build, I’m trying to convince Craig to do more with me at the range – enroll together in especially carbine, but also handgun classes at GFH. And you really did more than just teach us the AR platform with this Build a beAR course; it was honestly more then we really let you know……a recent event this past November had us dealing with loss of our younger sister. She was 19.
By you making it so enjoyable, informative & exciting it helped us stay focused and ultimately close and continue on our path as tightly connected brothers who love the firearms world and are also still trying to get by this loss. So when we say we appreciate everything, it really means so much more for us. I shared this because sometime you never really know how big of an impact you make with people and how valuable it really is. See you soon and thanks again brother, really. You couldn’t have created a better experience.