I took the First Steps course in April. The first thing I noticed how neat and clean the whole place was and how nice, neat and clean the instructors are!! Great first impression. Everyone there is pleasant and friendly and extremely helpful which was appreciated by this Newbie.
The class was very informative with a heavy emphasis on gun safety and they also provide each student with a packet of even more information. I had never been exposed to guns before so it was a little freaky for me at first but my instructor was great and sooo patient. It was taking me forever to pull the trigger. I am noise sensitive so every time someone else pulled off a shot I would jump and then I would have to refocus my aim. I know that I will become desensitized after more practice. The instructor never made me feel rushed or dumb because it was taking me forever to shoot.I also learned that target practice on an empty stomach is not advisable.It made for shaky arms. Even so, I did pretty well and I’m ready to go back for more! It was a great first experience!

Maria Travis – 5 Stars