We two couples went here on a hot Sunday to use some Christmas gift certificates. We had little or no experience shooting guns and were interested in how the day would work. GFH is an extremely well run professional business with extremely knowledgable and helpful staff. We rented 2 handguns (Glock 9mm and 357 Magnum) and 2 rifles (AK47 and a 308 tactical). Suffice to say we were looking for the full experience. Also rented eye and ear protection. Bought bullets and targets. Overall about $85/person
Gary, the manager, saw us newbies and moved us to the less crowded 50 yard range for a quieter training session. He was amazing in showing us the ease of use, but the extreme respect we would have for our weapons. He made us practice, had great advice and was perfect for our first introduction.
The boys had a great time, loved the shooting and are definitely coming back. Us ladies enjoyed ourselves, appreciated the power of our weapons. One of us may come back, the other is fine with the one day. If you are interested, curious, or just want to shoot, I would highly recommend GFH as a place to start.

Rita K – 5 Stars