This place exceeded all expectations.
I visited this range on a recommendation from a friend who lives close.
We visited with a part of 6 for a bachelor party day. We were greeted by 2 nice receptionists. They helped expedite the application process and set us up. When we all were finished we walked to the back to the rental counter. I think I almost fainted by the beauty. The entire group drooled over the selection. We were assisted by even more great staff AND greeted by the owner who knew my recommender. We rented 2 hand guns and 2 long guns for 2 booths. I don’t know how the time went to quickly but it was an absolutely enjoyable experience. We were able to get through 2 hand guns and 1 long gun. If we didn’t have anything else planned for the day, we would’ve stayed and rented 2 more booths for an additional hour.
The facilities were clean, air conditioned and friendly. Everyone there was polite.

We will return again. There is no doubt about that. Whether in a group of 6 or 3-4, but we will be back. Memberships are on deck for the next time so that we can be ready to go. We visited this place on August 1st and the entire group is still texting about visiting. If you want a nice, clean, air conditioned, well lit, friendly, helpful environment for a shooting range, this is the place.

Jason N – 5 Stars