After hours of scouring the internet for shooting ranges in the tri-state area, Gun for Hire is the one that stuck out the most to me. The other gun ranges were either extremely overpriced, lower quality and/or farther from me than this range (I’m from New York City). Upon arriving at the range, the first thing I noticed was the bright lights and cleanliness of the facility, before my parents and I were greeted by a friendly receptionist. We went through all the necessary paperwork quickly, without any of the staff breathing over our shoulder. The waivers also came with a coupon, which I will be sure to use when I go back.

We then were directed down to the rental station, where we rented two guns, a Glock 19 9mm pistol and a Remington 700 Tactical Rifle, along with 2 boxes (100 bullets) of 9mm ammo and 1 box (30 bullets) of .308 Winchester ammo. We rented one port for the three of us, and the port was ours for one hour. We got our “eyes and ears” (safety glasses and shooting headphones) and the total came to be around $200+. Price wise, it was very reasonable in comparison to other ranges. Upon entering the range, we showed our receipt to one of the instructors, Joel, who gave us the mandatory safety and range procedure lesson for first-timers. He then observed us shoot for a while to ensure we had everything under control, and let us do our own thing. He gave helpful advice and assistance whenever we needed it. We took videos and pictures of each other, which was allowed and almost encouraged. Unfortunately, by the time our hour was up, there were people waiting, so we couldn’t rent further time. However, Joel was very kind and allowed us to finish our box of ammo before leaving.

It was pleasant to find de-leading soap in the bathroom to wash off your hands after shooting. Overall, the visit was amazing. All the reviews talking about the outstanding staff friendliness and helpfulness are all true. When you are there, I can honestly say I feel safe under the supervision of friendly, professional staff who can help anyone at a moments notice. I will most certainly be going back.



Brian C – 5 Stars