To whom it may concern:

Thank you Gun for Hire team for offering the public such a great place to come and shoot, as well as fantastic instructors to train and educate the citizens of NJ.

Although I took the basic pistol course for a FL CCW and I have been shooting for a few years, I have never actually taken a formal course.  Jimmy took what I thought would be a boring class and made it quite enjoyable. Also, after I left, I did a little “digging” into the Gun for Hire story and found that Anthony is not only a guy dedicated to providing a safe and secure place to enjoy firearms in the (very) gun restrictive state of New Germany,  he is also a man who puts his money where his mouth is and fights for personal second amendment freedoms.   I also listened to a podcast from the radio show and found that the support for American values and resistance to both NJ as well as Washington’s ever present press to restrict our rights in the name of “safety” were foundational.   I applaud you Anthony (even as a self proclaimed “asshole”) for your stance and your efforts in this 2A fight in NJ.  I saw what you did for the restricted magazine bill,  and what you are currently doing to oust that shit-brick Steve Sweeney (seriously… F#@& that guy),  and I couldn’t agree more. That’s just what I could find with a ten minute Google search,  and I’ll bet there is much more beneath the surface.

Jimmy is a great instructor, and Charles was very helpful in properly filing out my FL paperwork.  (I looked up Charles’ credentials and saw that he is very accomplished and we’ll be referring to him for assistance later with Utah, and probably Texas). Jimmy kept the attention of his class while making what would normally be an intimidating subject to a room full of North Jersey folk a very pleasant experience.   I noticed in our class there were three of five students who never fired a shot.  These three arrived excited but with slight trepidation towards guns.  As the class progressed, Jimmy managed to put everyone at ease, while providing a great teaching experience to all, and really doing a great job at explaining the fundamentals of the pistol course.  During the range portion, safely was of course paramount,  but those three handgun newbies left feeling with a healthy sense of respect for firearms, and a new confidence. I would bet with certainty that you’ll see every one of those people back in your range again very soon.   I’ve been to my fair share of gun ranges (as im sure you have also)and that is really saying something.  I know I’ve been to ranges where im happy I left with the same number of holes in my body that i went in with (I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about)

I myself have stood up to the “authority” of our current system in NJ and fought for my own rights,  but have a newly inspired fortitude by seeing your facility and checking out your history online through news releases, twitter, and your podcasts, and understand that I must also help in greater ways to fight for the rights of other NJ citizens who are living in a post constitutional time.

If free men do not ask for permission to bear arms, what does that make us?

I’m looking forward to returning to your range and taking the next course (Jimmy recommended Urban 1).  Although I live in Basking Ridge and your range is not the closest,  the staff and your patriotic activism is a deal maker for me,  and I will be back.

Thank you again for being a REAL voice in protecting our rights and keep up the fight.   You have more supporters than you realize,